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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where does the urine go?
A. What doesn't drain out of the stable is soaked up by bedding.

Q. Will my horse lie on the mats?
A. Most horses love to lie on Equimat. It offers a soft, warm comfortable surface.

Q. How much bedding will I need?
A. You will need enough bedding to soak up the urine. Most people cut down to about 33%-50% of what they currently use.

Q. What guarantee do you offer?
A. Equimat is guaranteed for 5 years.

Q. What disinfectant should I use?
A. Any disinfectant that is safe for your horse is safe for the mats.

Q. Will the horse's shoes/studs damage the mats?
A. They may mark and graze the top surface over time but time is only cosmetic damage and will not effect the performance of the mats.

Q. How often do the mats need lifting?
A. If they smell they need lifting. Most people lift the mats once or twice a year.

Q. Will I need to use banks?
A. No. The softness of Equimat will stop your horse getting caste.

Q. Why do you recommend a gap when fitting?
A. To allow for any possible expansion of the mats.

Q. How long has Equimat been on the market?
A. We've been selling Equimat since 1992.

Why buy from us?

As one of the original matting manufacturers, with over 30 years of industry experience, backed up with a company history dating back over 100 years, Davies and Co is a company you can trust to offer the very best service, back up and most importantly quality no-nonsense honest products that stand the test of time. Proven.


'I first bought these mats over 15 years ago. Completely recommend them!'– Anne

'Mine have lasted well over ten years and I swear they still look new!'– Poppy

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Fitting and caring for your Equimat

Fitting our mats is easy, no special tools are required just a sharp knife, steel measure (or straight piece of wood), tape measure and a marker pen or stick of chalk.

If you have any further questions, please give us a call on 01536 513456

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Davies & Co Est 1875

Established as a leather merchant in 1875, Davies & Co has become the world leader in equestrian matting with its Equimat brand.

Since its inception as the original interlocking stable matting Equimat is relied upon by countless professional stables and athletes to provide reliable, safe and hardwearing surfaces for their horses.

Today Davies & Co is the matting division of Davies Odell Ltd who maintain the 150 year association within the footwear industry.

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